Budweiser of Memphis is sponsoring INGRAM HILL in Handy Park on Sat, Feb. 9 at 7:00 p.m.

Ingram Hill is a rock band from Memphis who developed an enthusiastic regional following in the South before gaining national attention in 2004.

Ingram Hill continues to make the charts, most recently with their crossover album "Ingram Hill" which was released this year.

Their wholesome appeal is suitable for all ages. Indeed, many of their early appearances in town had in attendance everything from babies to octogenarians!

"While they really haven't changed all that much about their own music (either songwriting or melodically), what comes out of the speakers when listening to the self-titled Ingram Hill, the band's third release for Rock Ridge Entertainment, is an amalgam of countrified singer/songwriter rock and modern country sounds which feels completely organic and just part of the band's evolution." -- roughtstock.com

"Ingram Hill is a strong album complete with hooks and melodies as good as anything produced by mainstream country's big label artists and if Nashville labels aren't going to pick this band up and get them on the country radio dial, the band should do this themselves because this is a record that clearly deserves to be heard by as many people as possible." -- roughstock.com

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